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Helping wealth advisors and other financial intermediaries build highly customized investment programs designed to suit their target market and overall investment philosophy.

Taiber Kosmala & Associates is your OCIO or an extension of your research staff.

We arm advisors with top-drawer investment solutions, clear differentiators to separate you from your competition, and make your business scalable. We are an independent firm operating in a completely open architecture environment to ensure your clients’ needs are met across the asset class spectrum, including alternatives. We provide comprehensive capital markets intelligence, manager due diligence, and documentation to help you avoid surprises and navigate the ever-changing investment landscape.

Let’s work together

Our services include:

Portfolio Model Management

We create multiple iterations of investment models, from conservative to aggressive.

Investment Manager Selection

Unbiased evaluations based on your goals, needs, and overall investment strategy.

Portfolio Asset Allocation

Stocks, bonds, cash: we’ll help you create the right strategy for dividing your assets.

Portfolio Rebalancing

We don’t believe in standing still when things are changing. Let’s rebalance and grow.

Investment Manager Due Diligence 

How will your managers perform based on the market and your needs? Let’s find out.

Market Research

The heart of our firm is in-depth, analytical research. We know the markets you need.

Tax Loss Harvesting

High-wealth clients want to offset any taxes on gains and income. We’ll make it happen.

Fee and Expense Reduction

We have the ability to perform in-depth diligence to reduce fees so you can focus on your clients.

A Trusted Member of Your Team

We become a trusted member of your team and collaboratively work with you to build an investment program that meets the needs and objectives of your clients.

We do the heavy lifting on the investment issues so that your time is leveraged to focus on client interactions and revenue producing activities.

We understand that most clients are more concerned about avoiding big losses than hitting grand slams and we approach your investment line-up with that mindset. Our highly experienced team spends significant time researching financial markets, investment products, and strategies to keep our clients fully prepared.

A Fact-Based and Client-Forward Approach

We add significant value by introducing a consistent and disciplined approach to the investment program you offer your clients.

Our steady hand and fact-based bias allow us to guide our clients through volatile market conditions without over-reacting to sensationalistic headlines or media hype. We recognize that successful investors do not confuse progress with activity.

Our seasoned investment team evenly divides their time between serving clients and conducting investment research. We meet face-to-face with hundreds of portfolio managers from around the globe every year. Additionally, we make a significant investment in independent research on economics, policy, technicals, and the overall financial/capital markets. Our rigorous investment manager and product due diligence process combines both quantitative and qualitative considerations resulting in high conviction active and passive investment solutions for clients.

Personalized Outsourced Solutions

Your firm is busy. You have investment portfolios to manage and clients to service. You need a reliable team that can handle non-essential duties so you can focus on what you do best.

Outsourced Non-Essentials

Our services include due diligence, manager analysis, investment strategies- everything that you need to strengthen your offerings to your clients.

Personalized Service

We don’t believe in cookie cutter. We don’t offer a blanket strategy. We have the flexibility and experience to adapt to your investment strategy with a consultative approach.

Expert Strategies

You do estate planning, tax planning. You don’t have to be an expert in every market. We know what micro and macro events mean for you. We make them part of your plans.

Experienced Consultants Working for You

It is our goal to have the industry’s most well-informed consultants for our clients.

When you meet, they should have the knowledge and expertise to address questions, solve problems, and offer guidance with confidence. That’s what you will encounter when dealing with Taiber Kosmala. This means:

  • A dedicated three-person team assigned to each relationship.
  • Tailored expertise and guidance for your needs
  • A continuous flow of information and insights

We don’t believe in shuffling you through a million intermediaries. Pick up the phone and talk to your senior-level consultant, every time. That’s our pledge to you.

Meet Our Team

You won’t find a bunch of empty suits at Taiber Kosmala.

Wealth advisors don’t need a bunch of lemmings, plagued with platitudes, and saddled with human biases. Our consultants offer high-conviction actionable guidance from an exceptionally well‐informed team enterprise. Send us a note to find out how.

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