Family Office Clients

Helping families build and maintain intergenerational wealth through customized investment programs tailored to meet the variable goals and objectives of family trustees and beneficiaries.

Our guidance and infrastructure helps protect and grow your family’s intergenerational wealth.

Family stewards responsible for maintaining, protecting, and growing intergenerational wealth need an expert on point to ensure the investment program follows through on directives from legal, tax, and insurance advisors. That expert also must ensure the program reflects the value system, risk parameters, and appetite for opportunity suited to the family. That expert is Taiber Kosmala.

We work with your legal counsel, estate planning professionals, tax accountants, business operators, and more to devise an intelligent investment program that reflects your priorities and sets you and your family on a prudent course for generations to come.

Our evidence-based, rigorously-researched, and experience-driven approach arms your team with the experience, infrastructure, and educational opportunities you need to make the right choices for you.

Let’s work together

We’ll Help You Run Your Family’s Investment Business

Our team is made up of a diverse group of people from both outside and inside the industry including regulatory, money management, research, and consulting. We look for opportunities and solutions that we feel work well for our clients today and for generations to come.

We know that you have very specific needs, and want to make sure that your goals are met.  We bring decades of experience and industry knowledge in building out client investment programs. The full suite of services we bring to client relationships include:

Asset Allocation Guidance

Longer term strategic and intermediate term tactical guidance designed to maximize returns, manage risk, and minimize taxes.

Continuous Monitoring

We provide ongoing oversight for your asset allocation exposures and routine contact with your investment managers to ensure your program stays in sync with the constantly evolving landscape of markets and managers.

Manager Selection Guidance

Top down, bottom up, fundamental, quantitative, active, passive, value, growth, concentrated, or diversified. We get to know your family, gauge what is the most likely long-term best fit, and take an educational/consultative approach until you arrive at a roster of managers/strategies that feels right to you.

Performance and Risk Reporting

Results matter which is why you need a system with vast capabilities and the ability to customize. We utilize one of the industry’s top performance reporting systems which captures live peer group data on over 3,500 trust funds and approximately $1.5t in assets and has the ability to calculate a full suite of detailed risk metrics, performance statistics, and maintain key private market investment program data.

Build Smart Investment Programs that Emphasize Risk-Adjusted and After-Tax Returns

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep than matters. We know that family wealth stewards are charged with compounding returns in a risk and tax efficient manner.

This requires managing complicated dynamics across market cycles. Our consultative approach and guidance bring that into focus.

Compound and Preserve Capital

Tax-sensitive investment strategies have to balance return maximization with tax minimization and not at the expense of the other. The appropriate balance is different for different families given the varied client tax profiles we work with.

After-Tax Investing

More than simplistic tax loss harvesting, there are many ways to maximize your after-tax returns including tax efficient equity, performing municipal bonds, distressed municipal bonds, tax-efficient limited partnerships, exchange funds, and hedging strategies. We can find the best paths for you.

“Our impartial advice and exceptional expertise provides family stewards a unique and custom solution when faced with the responsibility of managing your family’s inter-generational wealth. “

Phil Kosmala

Managing Partner, Taiber Kosmala

Experienced Consultants Working for You

It is our goal to have the industry’s most well-informed consultants for our clients.

When you meet, they should have the knowledge and expertise to address questions, solve problems, and offer guidance with confidence. That’s what you will encounter when dealing with Taiber Kosmala. This means:

  • A dedicated three-person team assigned to each relationship.
  • Tailored expertise and guidance for your needs
  • A continuous flow of information and insights

We don’t believe in shuffling you through a million intermediaries. Pick up the phone and talk to your senior-level consultant, every time. That’s our pledge to you.

Meet Our Team

You won’t find a bunch of empty suits at Taiber Kosmala.

In an industry full of lemmings, plagued with platitudes, and saddled with human biases, our consultants offer high-conviction actionable guidance from an exceptionally well‐informed team enterprise. Send us a note to find out what we can do for your Family Office.

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