Exceptionally Informed and Fiercely Independent Guidance for Results-Oriented Investors

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Creating Intelligent Investment Programs For All Our Clients

We’re investment professionals working toward the same goal: to bring in-depth original research and cutting-edge technology to meet your investment needs, with the insight, analysis, and opinions to create sustainable investment programs.

Expertise & Strategies for Institutional Clients

We deliver exceptional investment programs and adhere to industry best practices for non‐profit organizations and retirement plan sponsors.

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Real Experts Giving Real Advice for Wealth Advisors

We do the heavy lifting of market analysis and manager due diligence to provide customized investment strategies to grow your business.

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Your Partner in Providing Sound Strategies for Family Offices

We partner with family stewards to build intergenerational wealth for unique families through unique investment strategies.

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Original Research From An Independent, Employee-Owned Firm

We’re 100% employee-owned, and use independent, original research to construct comprehensive investment programs that work for you. We’re not beholden to anyone, letting us create bold, intelligent strategies tailored for your specific needs.

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Experienced. Humble. Skeptical.

We believe diverse backgrounds and independent thinking lead to the best solutions.

We’re made of money managers, regulators, researchers, advisors, brokers, engineers, quants, and bartenders. We’ve weathered multiple bear and bull markets. We can flag a gimmick and focus on what works for you.

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You won’t find a bunch of empty suits at Taiber Kosmala.

In an industry full of lemmings, plagued with platitudes, and saddled with human biases, our consultants offer high-conviction actionable guidance from an exceptionally well‐informed team enterprise. Send us a note to find out how.

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