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What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

As generalists, our experienced investment team routinely absorbs in-depth research, viewpoints, and thought pieces from specialists all around the world. A big component of our job is to review publications and articles from Wall Street firms, independent research boutiques, investment firms, and various industry publications. As voracious consumers of intelligence in the capital markets, we enthusiastically convey to you these pieces that we find compelling from an investment, economic, or political standpoint.

BlackRock’s Global Investment Outlook

Acknowledging that it is generally a good idea to know what the largest asset management firm in the world is thinking, below we have provided a link to BlackRock’s 4Q Global Investment Outlook.  BlackRock maintains arguably one of the deepest research efforts globally and routinely produces in depth research on timely topics of interest to investors worldwide.  While we can’t point to anything clearly non-consensus in this piece, we feel they have done a nice job of framing the current scene with a backdrop of risk and return drivers looking forward.

Global Investment Outlook Q4 2016

Source: BlackRock