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Driven by a mission, investment programs of not for profit institutions must be aligned with their objectives and spending policies. Administrators and grant makers seek to fund short-term operational needs and long-term strategic initiatives while investment portfolios must generate strong investment results at reasonable levels of risk. The prospects for uneven fundraising and volatile markets further complicate an already delicate balance. The professionals at Taiber Kosmala & Associates, LLC have helped foundations and endowments meet these challenges for over 15 years.

Educational Institutions

Taiber Kosmala & Associates, LLC consults to public universities, private universities, and preparatory schools. In addition to our core asset allocation, manager search, performance evaluation, and 403(b) plan design services, we customize all elements of the consulting process to address the unique concerns of trustees, including: changes in operating budgets and donations; HEPI benchmarking needs; audit requirements for alternative investments; and socially responsible investment mandates.

Religious Institutions

Taiber Kosmala & Associates consultants have worked with a variety of religious organizations throughout their careers. In addition to our core asset allocation, manager research and performance evaluation functions, many of our religious institutional clients utilize socially responsible investment mandates. Taiber Kosmala customizes searches to adhere to the client’s moral, ethical, social and environmental values. After the search process is complete, we help craft investment policies that enumerate the client’s restrictions and screen portfolios to ensure the guidelines are being adhered to.

Healthcare Institutions

Taiber Kosmala & Associates, LLC works with health care organizations in the development of portfolio policy to ensure their investment plans are strategically aligned with their financial goals. Senior consultants at the firm have worked with health care organizations to maximize the risk-adjusted yield on funded depreciation, debt reserve, pension plan, and operational assets. Prior to engaging in asset allocation analysis, we work with the senior healthcare professionals to understand the various pools, their purposes, risk and return targets, and unique requirements such as bond covenants and daily cash-on-hand needs. Once these variables are understood, we begin our process of analyzing the current investment program and its ability to meet needs compared to potential alternative strategies. We also assist health care organizations with investment programs for frozen pension plans and full service defined contribution plan design and monitoring.