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Retirement Plan Sponsors


Plan fiduciaries must act as prudent experts under ERISA, and are therefore held to a high standard of care with respect to plan-related decisions regarding investments, service providers, plan administration and general ERISA compliance issues. Taiber Kosmala & Associates, LLC assists clients in adhering to ERISA’s rigorous standards and meeting their objective of offering comprehensive retirement plan solutions for their employees.

Defined Benefit

Taiber Kosmala & Associates assists clients in managing defined benefit plans in a challenging regulatory and investment environment. Our philosophy is centered on assisting our clients with a repeatable and disciplined investment process, focused on risk management and designed to provide timely and practical information. The hallmark of Taiber Kosmala’s investment consulting is the ability to apply our professionals’ experience and expertise to create customized solutions for each client. Our innovative techniques in asset allocation, manager selection, performance measurement, and risk management have helped our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Defined Contribution

Taiber Kosmala & Associates assists clients with constructing, implementing, and monitoring defined contribution plans. Having worked with defined contribution plans for over 15 years, we have the experience to help your organization offer a competitive, effective 401(k) plan that meets fiduciary obligations required by ERISA and the Department of Labor. Taiber Kosmala & Associates, LLC works with clients to ensure that their defined contribution plans fit their corporate objectives and that plans are designed to attract, motivate, and retain high caliber employees.